Darryl Rodgers - Youth Motivational Speaker & Author
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Darryl Rodgers - Youth Motivational Speaker & Author

Darryl speaks to youth all over the country about the importance of making wise choices and the power of association.  
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"Dear Mr. Rodgers,
      Thank you so much for coming to our school yesterday and talking with us! Your presentation showed me how people can be good people but their whole world can be turned upside down just by hanging with the wrong crowd. It also showed how easy it is to get addicted and how much of a struggle it is to partially recover. This also had a different affect on me than other presentations because of you personal and emotional connection to the subject." Cailey A. - High School Student
"The film that you created made me look at how bad connections with bad people can influence drug use."  Brendan P. - High School Student
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